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This is a post from Rosemary O’Leary.

With the imprisonment of Private Bradley Manning for allegedly supplying WikiLeaks with classified information, we are reminded of the challenge of guerrilla government facing the Obama administration.

Guerrilla government is my term for a form of dissent usually carried out by insiders who are dissatisfied with the actions of public organizations, programs, or people but who typically, for strategic reasons, choose not to go public with their concerns. A few guerrillas end up outing themselves as whistle-blowers, but most do not.

In addition to leaking information to the media, guerrillas might obey their superiors in public, but disobey them in private; ghostwrite letters, testimony and studies; neglect policies and directives they disagree with – stall; fail to implement orders they think unfair; hold clandestine meetings to plot a unified staff strategy;  fail to correct superiors’ mistakes. (more…)

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