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by Mehrzad Boroujerdi and Louis Kriesberg

At the very time remarkable progress is being made in negotiations with Iran to prevent the emergence of a new nuclear-armed nation in the most militarized and dangerous region in the world, many members of the Senate are supporting legislation that would irresponsibly undermine this progress. The authors of S. 1881, seemingly without any recognition of the implications of this move, propose new unilateral demands, buttressed by enhanced sanctions and threats toward Iran.

While the Iranian and the U.S. governments have had legitimate, historical grounds for mutual mistrust and grievances since 1979, it would be imprudent for policy makers not to also acknowledge the growing shared interests and concerns of both parties. (more…)

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Louis Kriesberg

Clearly, the Obama administration’s mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not produced any breakthroughs.  Even the earlier U.S. insistence that the Israeli government stop further construction of settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem has now been abandoned.  The U.S. is falling back to mediating indirectly by meeting with the PA and the Israeli government independently.  A new approach is needed that is recognized to be fresh.  Some immediate effects on the ground should be produced that demonstrate progress away from the current dangerous stagnation.  Many ideas that can be elements in a constructive alternative approach are offered here.  I first consider actions that focus on the negotiation process and subjective ways of reframing the conflict.  I then discuss actions that take a longer time perspective and involve structural factors reduce the conflict asymmetry. (more…)

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